Thursday, January 9, 2014

Original Works Fundraiser

Come Get Your Owls!!

During the month of October, Mill Brook first and second grade students worked on owl drawings that will be used for the PTA Original Works Fundraiser. Every year the PTA hopes to do a fundraiser using Original Works. Original Works is a company that takes children's artwork and reproduces it on to items that can be purchased by parents such as mugs, phone cases, or even bags. To check out Original Works you can go to: Order forms went home November 12th and completed orders came back before December Vacation!


To create our beautiful owls, students first drew their owls with pencil. Students then added in background elements such as trees, moon, or stars. After their drawings were completed students did their most careful coloring with makers and used crayons for the sky. Finally, students when over important lines with black Sharpies to create the finished pieces you see below are what went home.



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