Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2nd Annual Mill Brook Wishing Tree

Come One, Come All and Make a Wish for the New School Year!


It is that time again when Open House at Mill Brook School is upon us. A time where students and families alike come to explore and learn about the upcoming school year. Last year, the Art Studio offered families a chance to participate in the artistic tradition of a Wishing Tree. The project went over so well, that students asked to have it back again this year. 

So, back to the drawing, students worked to create new paper, that was cut into leaves for the tree. First grade decorated paper using crayons and watercolors, while second grade used sharpies and tempera paint. Each grade practiced creating a continuous line drawing, before adding beautiful splashes of paint. 




Once, these gorgeous artworks had been turned into leaves, they were ready to be placed on the tree. However, this year instead of having tree branches, second graders helped design the tree that was used. Take a look at all the fun we had this Open House and some of the hopes and dreams for the upcoming school year we have made! 



Monday, September 15, 2014

First Weeks

Setting up for the Beginning of a Wonderful Year in Art!

As the Mill Brook students settle into the first few weeks of school, they spend valuable time preparing the Art Studio for a very busy year. Within the first two art classes alone, students created an extensive list of things they plan on practicing in the art room to work together and keep the place keep. Students also created name tags and portfolios to hold all their work. They got a chance to look at some really cool artworks and discuss a little art history.                                    

Students busily working on adding their own voice to the decorations of their portfolios!