Sunday, November 2, 2014

PTA Fundraiser: Original Works

Come Get Your Owls!
Come Get Your Hot Air Balloons!

It's that time of year again for Mill Brook's 3rd Annual PTA fundraiser sponsored by Original Works. Original Works is a company that takes children's artwork and reproduces it on to items that can be purchased by parents such as mugs, phone cases, or even bags. To check out Original Works you can go to:  

This year for the fundraiser 1st grade students (similar to last year) learned how to draw the Mill Brook Owl and created these beautiful owl drawings below. However, this year for materials, students used crayons for their owls and painted in their colorful sky backgrounds. 






This year, 2nd grade students created new and different hot air balloon drawings. Students examined how to break down the shapes in a hot air balloon and thought about the patterns they would draw. 2nd grade students also used crayons to color in their balloons, however there was a challenge for the colors that could be used. Previously students had been learning about different ways to group color and specifically complementary colors. So, the challenge for students was to color their hot air balloons using two complementary colors (i.e. orange and blue or green and red). After using crayons 2nd grade students also applied colorful watercolors to the background. 






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