Friday, October 10, 2014

Beginning a Study of Color

                                                                                                        Thinking about Color with Wheels  and Caterpillars!

Students at Mill Brook School are currently beginning their study of color. First and Second students explored color mixing through a couple different activities. Second grade students learned all about color wheels and then they created their own using water color pencils. By using water color pencils students were able to mix their own secondary colors of orange, green and purple.


After students carefully colored in their wheels, they activated the paint in the pencils by adding water with a brush. They carefully added water to each individual section to create these beautiful color wheels you see below. Students were so excited to see that these could make all the colors just using red, yellow and blue.          






First grades also explored the six rainbow colors and color mixing. To help introduce students to this new idea, we first thought of the six colors of the rainbow, that we were going to focus on: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. We then ask ourselves from what we already know about color mixing how can we mix colors? As a class we went through each color and learned that there are three colors you can't make using color mixing: red, yellow and blue. We also learned that there are three colors you can make orange, purple, and green. Then using water color pencils (similar the to the second graders), first grade students practice mixing orange, green and purple to create these amazing rainbow caterpillars below!!

Here you can see some students choose to practice mixing below 
their caterpillar, to make sure they mixed the right color. 

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