Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snowflake Printmaking

Can Lines Make Snowflakes?

As we headed into winter at Mill Brook School and the snow began to fall, second grade students learned that those small blurry dots of snow, where actually beautiful crystalized figures. After so much looking at color and learning about how to add color to our art, second grade students were excited to start a new unit on line. And with the all the snow we were getting, why not learn about how lines can make those interesting designs we see in snowflakes? First, we looked at many different snowflakes and thought about how we could draw them from faraway and then close up. We practiced using rulers and created these wonderful line drawings. 


Then, students learned about Printmaking. We looked at different artists and learned about the printmaking techinque of relief. With these new techniques in mind, students attached 
blocks of foam to their drawings. Then using colored pencils traced over their line drawings. 


This created a carved design into the styrofoam. Now these blocks are ready for printmaking!

Then so that all students could get a chance to do some printing (and make sure our lines were deep enough) we did practice prints together as a whole class.

Then in the following weeks, students took turns using better ink and paper to create the finished prints you see below. They look amazing!

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